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              Double record ( Shanghai) Industrial Company Limited is a collection of commercial electric water,household electric water heater、German original imported instant heating type electric water heater, volume type gas water heater,volume type condensing gas water heater,warm boiler, life water heat exchanger, solar power, household appliances and other office,Home furnishing electrical equipment research and development,production, sales, customer service as one of the energy-saving,Environmental protection, science and technology enterprises, the strength of the company, experienced, strong technology。In Germany with the research & Development Laboratory which has a number of industry experts as a technical backing。The company has senior expert, senior engineer 5,20 years industry experience,Industry for more than 10 years experience in the system more than 10 experts。The company introduced the development of the equipment that is the industry with the world advanced technology on behalf of,Widely used in the international well-known buildings.

              Company volume type electric hot water equipment,Product specifications complete。Volume from 15L - 1000L,Electrical power from low price ,3KW - 288KW,Widely used in large-scale public places,office building, factory, hospital, school, guesthouse, hotel, villa, apartment.

              In the company to meet the needs of users for the ultimate goal, Always remember to honesty, to the quality of trust, with professional technology Quality of service users receive the recognition and praise. Our professional technical personnel,Occupation,To provide users with high quality, low price , energy saving, environmental protection, safety water heater,The life of electrical equipment。And fast, perfect products after sale service,For the user to take a hundred professional, satisfactory customer service 。

              We have the spirit of "customer satisfaction, partner satisfaction, satisfaction with the company",social satisfaction。




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